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Defining Integrative Medicine

  1. The patient and practitioner are equal partners in the healing process, each playing different roles.

  2. Factors influencing health, wellness, and disease including mind, spirit, and body  are all taken into consideration for personalized treatment.

  3. Appropriate utilization of conventional and alternative methods help to facilitate the body’s innate healing response naturally.

  4. Natural and less invasive techniques are prioritized during effective interventions.

  5. Integrative medicine is a finely-tuned concept that balances conventional medicine and alternative therapies.

  6. Good medicine is good science, always progressing with inquiry-driven purposes and open to new paradigms.

  7. Health promotion and prevention of illnesses are just as important as effective treatment.

  8. Practitioners of integrative medicine should live by and therefore exemplify its principles to commit and truly understand the self-exploration and development that results from this unique healthcare method.

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